Monday, December 2, 2013

Fun Interactive Bible For Kids App For iPad, iPhone & Android By - Review

Bible for Kids by, is a interactive, fun way, to teach kids about the Bible and religion. 

Bible for Kids guides you through 6 (soon to be 7), stories of the bible. Starting with, "In the Beginning", then "The First Sin", "The First Christmas Gift", "Through the Roof", "It is finished", and "A Happy Sunday".

The stories are read to you, with the text on the side. Then you can view the interactive image, where you can tap the images to see different animations.

The illustrations look good, very colorful, and cartoonish. The app is kid friendly and easy to navigate. Fun facts and quizzes will help you kids remember what they just learnt. There are also special challenges, in which kids can receive rewards.

I think the interactive elements of the app, and the voice story telling, will make kids want to read all the stories in this bible.

Bible for Kids is a FREE download. And is available for iOS (designed for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone) and Android devices. 


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