Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Build Your Own Robot Avatar with 'LoveBots: Kit Robot' - iPad, iPhone - App Review

Love robots? Then you may love, LoveBots: Kit Robot By Whitewall Studios, which is robot avatar builder. This app is a favorite in Japan, and a top charter in other countries around the world.

Okay, so I'm not sure if the name of the app is a little lost in translation, or if they just really love robots - but as said in the app, you're creating a 'LoveBot'.

To start off - you pick different items from categories like: head, eyes, mouth, antenna, torso, arms, legs, accessories, and so on... There are many options to pick from, and each item comes in different colors.

There is a delete everything key (the red button), and a Panic button, that'll create a preset robot for you.

There is a bit of a learning curve - that you are not taught. You can resize items by pinch and zooming, like a photo. Or move the arms apart by using the same pinch and zoom technique, ect...

A robot I quickly made using the app.  He's really smart. 

Once you've created your robot avatar - you can share the picture by tapping the switch; to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Camera Roll. Saved images seem to be saved at the resolution of the devices screen.

I definitely had a few issues with this app. First of all, every time you select something the devices vibration goes off. I really could of done without that. Some issues with certain items appearing behind others - and no obvious way to fix this. No quick selection of items (say to re-move). And there's no delete button for individual items and no undo. Also no multitasking - If you leave the app, it will reset and delete anything you had built.

The best part for me was seeing the preset robots - which look cool. There are heaps of different items to make many different combinations. The app can be really fun.  Great for kids, they can be very creative with this app and make many different robots.

Price: $0.99 (U.S.)

LoveBots: Kit Robot is available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad). Click here, to download the app, from the App Store.


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