Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boxhead - Santa Edition - iPhone Game - FREE For Holidays!

Boxhead - Santa Edition By MEDL MOBILE has gone FREE for the Christmas Holidays. 

Boxhead - Santa Edition is a action-packed, shooter, iPhone game. Based off Boxhead - The Zombie Wars, but with new graphics, new levels, holiday bad-guys, and SANTA! 

The zombies are back wearing Santa-hats, with undead elves and fire-breathing snowmen. You play as a armed Santa, with an arsenal of weapons.  

In Boxhead, you can play in your own style. Be defensive, and set traps, barricades, ect... Or go on a rampage, and shoot a spray of bullets, while using turrets and barricades to slow the enemy down.

When it comes to those weapons; you start with a basic pistol, but don't worry - you'll earn better weapons and gain power-ups as you defeat the army of the undead. 

Boxhead - Santa Edition, is FREE for the holiday's. A saving of $0.99 (U.S.). And is available for iPhone, and iPod Touch. 


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