Friday, November 29, 2013

Angry Birds Go! Now Available To Download On iPhone & iPad In Some App Stores Around The World!

Angry Birds Go! from developer Rovio Entertainment, is set to be released on December 11th 2013 in the USA. However it seems in some countries including; New Zealand and Australia, Angry Birds Go! has gotten a early release.

In Angry Birds Go! the birds and piggies are competing in a downhill race on Piggy Island.  Angry Birds Go! features a first-ever 3D Angry Birds world. You can race as the birds or pigs. Upgrade your karts. There are heaps of tracks and special power-ups. The game modes include: Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and Mega Match.

Angry Birds Go! is FREE, but contains in-app purchases. A full review of the game will be added soon. But for now, if you're in one of the lucky countries to get the game first, go download the game now!

Price: FREE

Available for: iOS (iPhone & iPad). (Full release, around the world on December 11th 2013)

-- Update:

My First Impressions Playing 'Angry Birds Go!'

Okay so first experience with Angry Birds Go!.... You start out as Red Bird. You are taken through some tutorial levels to get the hang of the game. You can choose to steer by tilting your device, or tapping the sides of the screen. I personally prefer the tilting option.

After completing the tutorial, you get to choose your first kart! You have three options. A kart that looks like it has a milk carton attached, with low top speed, but good strength. A kart with a pink motor, but with good top speed. And a kart with rolls of tape for wheels. Because it had good top speed, I went with the kart with the pink engine.

Next it's time to start racing! You first need to complete at least one challenge each of: Race, Time Boom, Versus & Fruit Splat. Then you can challenge Pink bird. Beat her 3 times, to recruit her to your racing team. You'll then be able to switch drivers.

You'll also have to upgrade your kart to select certain challenges. Upgrades cost coins, which you earn by winning races and collecting coins in the race.

So basically there is a lot of repeating races to earn coins, to upgrade you kart, so you can continue the game. And then there's the energy bar! Yes, Rovio must not want you to play their game for very long, because each racer has only a certain amount of energy before they need to rest. That is, unless you re-energize them by using the crystals - that you'll also be able to purchase more of for real money.

So here I am now. I completed the first set of challenges. I unlocked Pink Bird. Raced a few more races. Now both drivers are tired and need to rest for a while. So it's time to close the app.

This game is more of an adventure, then a racing game. It's almost telling a story. You'll unlock the other drivers as you complete the game... This maybe a very slow game to play. Or maybe you might need to spend real money... Only time will tell.


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