Friday, November 9, 2012

Will There Be A New iPad 5th Gen in March 2013?

Apple just recently announced the iPad mini which was no surprise to anyone, but what was a surprise was they also announced a iPad 4th generation. There had been some rumors about Apple updating the iPad 3 or what was known at the time as 'The new iPad', with the new Lighting connector, but no-one went as far as thinking it'll be a whole new version with the new A6X processor chip. But even with the A6X chip and the Lighting connector in all honesty this iPad 4th gen is really just a iPad 3(S).

It had only been 7 months since the iPad 3's release making buyers feel a little angry that they didn't even have the latest and greatest iPad for a year. But so what? Yeah the 4th gen is a little quicker, but that's really not a reason for anyone with the 3rd gen to update. I assume this is also why they discontinued the iPad 3 and still keep the iPad 2 for sale, as there isn't really enough of a difference to justify the purchase of a more expensive 4 over the 3rd gen.      

But now what will happen in March, where Apple usually announces the newest iPad? Will there be a new iPad 5 just 5 months after the 4th? Has Apple moved the iPad line to October? Will Apple announce a new product in March? Maybe the other popular rumored device, the Apple TV? A retina screen TV. Ha, ha, that'd be awesome, I doubt it! We didn't even get a retina iPad mini.

It does look like Apple has moved it's products to the end of year targeting the holidays for their sales. But moving all of there new products to the end of year is dumb. It will lower the sales for the first and second quarter of the year. Spacing out product launches gives people the time to save up some more money! Maybe Apple just wanted a holiday boost this year. Of course there is no way of knowing what Apple plans ...well not until their suppliers leak some new parts.

So if you want to buy a iPad there is no reason to wait, and there's no telling if there will be a new version in 5 months or 12 months of even somewhere else in between. The current 4th gen is still the best tablet on the market.  But it does make you wonder what the next version, the 5th gen iPad will be like.  My guess would be Apple will do something new and impressive with iOS. For the design, Apple may follow the looks of the new iPad mini and iPhone 5 - so we'll probably see a Black/Slate and White/Silver versions. And as Apple usually does, the iPad 5 will most likely be thinner and lighter. Apple released two freakishly light products this year (the iPhone 5 and iPad mini) so a lighter full sized iPad would be a huge plus. Oh and do we really need that picture frame bezel that thick? I hope Apple can trim that down a bit also.

What improvements do you hope to see in the next version of the iPad? Let me know in the comments!



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