Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Don't Know Jack

"YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is the #1 game in the world that contains both fart noises and trivia about Shakespeare."

If you're looking for an trivia game for your iOS device, that'll test your knowledge and make you laugh, then you'll love, 'You Don't Know Jack'.

"It’s the game where HIGH CULTURE and POP CULTURE collide. Covering everything from Bigfoot to bigamy, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is the only trivia game that makes you laugh and think at the same time. And sometimes vomit a little."

The app features Twenty full episodes of the favorite quiz show trivia game. With more to be added soon. Includes games; Multiple-Choice Questions, DisOrDats, and Jack Attacks. Share your high scores with leaderboards and achievements through Game Center.

Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, you can try out the Lite (Free) version to see how awesome it is before you buy.

iPhone, iPod touch LITE Version
iPhone, iPod touch


  1. Het, what about Android, huh?

  2. Sorry. Fat-fingered my keyboard.
    Should've read, "Hey! What about Android?"

    1. There is no version available for Android at the moment, but you can also play on Facebook, PC or a console.


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